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In each issue, Entra takes you inside exclusive residences created by top international design professionals, stunningly captured by world-renowned photographers and writers. This group of elite contributors include photographers Durston Saylor, Robert Reck, Mireille Roobaert, Jim McHugh and Tim Beddow, and writers such as Joseph Giovannini, Barbara L. Dixon, Mary Dolden Veale, Jo Lauria and Barbara Isenberg.

Besides private homes, Entra brings you a variety of topical subjects including product design, visits to showrooms and artists’ studios, antiques, and personality pieces. We’ll also introduce you to new hotels, exhibitions, books and collectibles.

With decades of publishing experience between them, founders photographer Mary E. Nichols, artist and creative director Jeffrey Nemeroff, and electronic publishing and online developer David Hough invite you to explore Entra’s dynamic and dramatic layouts which reflect the original vision of the architects and designers, sans stylists. Videos allow you to hear about projects directly from their creators. And because more is more, features conclude with a slideshow of additional photographs.

We invite you to join us and explore the world of design and architecture and come to know the extraordinarily talented people we showcase.